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Explore the most advanced cosmetic, reconstructive and family dental services.
  • Sedation Dentistry For Adults and Children

    Sedation Dentistry For Adults and Children

    We understand and respect our patients who have certain needs. At our practice we provide dental care while under general anesthesia. The treatment occurs next to our Mechanicsburg office at Cumberland Surgery Center, and the sedation is performed by a…

  • Prompt Emergency Care

    Prompt Emergency Care

    Our practice strives to make your life better. We care deeply about our patients, and we understand that dental emergencies can arise at any time. Our staff is on-call to respond to serious and immediate dental care needs. For life-threatening…

  • Computerized Decay Diagnosis

    Computerized Decay Diagnosis

    When we examine a patient’s mouth, we look for decay with several techniques including visual inspection of teeth under microscopic loupes, use of dental explorers to feel for decay, and x-rays to help determine interproximal decay. Going a step further,…

  • Zoom! Whitening System

    Zoom! Whitening System

    We love seeing our patients with brighter, whiter teeth, and we’ve been improving smiles for over 20 years now! The results of teeth whitening processes have become more and more predictable, and patients can feel confident in realizing a stunning…