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As a new patient, why don’t I get my teeth cleaned at my first visit?

We customize all our appointments to the needs of the individual patient. As a new patient, we do not know how much time is needed to thoroughly clean your teeth. Our examination may be the most comprehensive exam you will ever get in a dental office. The first stage encompasses an overview of your dental and medical history, bite evaluation, and oral cancer screening. Next, we evaluate your teeth for new decay and carefully examine your existing restorations. The clinical exam also includes a periodontal evaluation and educating our patients on treatment options. After the clinical exam, we determine the type of digital x-rays needed. These may include: A complete series of x-rays that show us not only your teeth, but also the bone and root structures, Digital Panorex, which can help determine bone quantity for implants, impacted wisdom teeth or pathology within the jaw bone, and the more common Bite Wing x-rays of posterior teeth. This thorough and precise process will guide us in developing a treatment plan tailored to your specific dental needs.

After the evaluation and initial visit is complete, we will be able to determine how much time is needed for the first prophylaxis (cleaning) in our office. At that time, any additional routine treatment will be scheduled. If deemed necessary during the evaluation stage, the patient may return for a comprehensive treatment planning consultation. The meeting provides the patient with an overview of all the information gathered during the exam, as well as a packet that elaborates the various treatment options, photos of your mouth, estimated fees for proposed treatment, and a review regarding what your insurance may or may not cover.