Frequently Asked Questions

Need-to-know information straight from our dental professionals.

Where can I find new patient forms?

New patient forms can be located under the forms and contact tab at the top of the screen. The link for the new patient forms is under the heading Patient Forms which is to the right of the map of our location in Mechanicsburg, PA. You can also click here to go to our new patient forms page.

Do you offer Invisalign?

Yes, we offer Invisalign. Feel free to call and schedule a consultation.

Are you creating a new website?

Yes, we are in the process of creating a new website at Wylie Dental Group

What type of insurance do you accept?

We work with most insurance plans. We participate with Blue Cross Dental, Delta Dental and United Concordia, but please call our office to verify your plan is one we participate with. Co-pays and deductibles are due at the time of service. Please remember that this is your insurance — we will help you as best as possible, but ultimately you are responsible for payment for services.

What if I don’t have insurance?

For those patients without insurance, payment is due at the time of service. Payments can be split up over the course of treatment for multiple visit procedures. A fee payment schedule is given to patients with and without insurance.

Do you offer payment plans?

Extended payment plans are available through Care Credit. We participate with the 6-month 0% plan and the long-term payements plan. You must qualify for this service through Care Credit.

For more information about Care Credit, visit their website here.

What is your policy on cancellation or not showing up for an appointment?

We understand that emergencies can arise in patient’s daily schedules. However, we do require 24-hours notice to chance or cancel an appointment. These times are reserved for you. Because we do not over-book our schedule in order to spend adequate time with each patient, we do charge a fee for not showing up or canceling with little notice. This fee will vary depending on the length of your appointment and whether you were scheduled to see a doctor or hygienist. Repeated failures to show up for appointments can lead to dismissal from our practice.

I am afraid of painful injections. Is there anything you can do to make them more comfortable?

Yes — we pride ourselves on patient comfort. We take our time with injections and the pre-numbing procedures. We utilize a state-of-the-art needless injection system. This will pre-numb the area where you will be injected to the point where, in most cases, you will not even know you’ve had an injection.

Are dental x-rays safe?

Safety is always our primary concern. We constantly weigh the risks versus the benefits of any treatment or diagnostic technique that we may use. We utilize the latest, state-of-the-art digital dental x-ray technology for intra-oral and panoramic x-rays. This not only gives us superior x-ray quality, but reduces radiation by 70-90% compared to conventional dental x-rays.

I have dentures that hurt all the time. Is there a solution?

Implant dentures are truly a step into the next generation for denture wearers! We can make dentures so comfortable that you will forget they’re not your own teeth. Our team of experts can make permanent dentures that do not move and can only be taken out by the dentist. With this treatment option, you will no longer have sore spots or limitations to chewing and eating.

Other implant dentures can be made that will still be removable by the patient. This treatment option still feels like night and day compared to wearing conventional dentures without implants.

I heard implants in the front of the mouth never look good. Is that true?

Anterior implant restorations can be a challenging treatment. However, with proper planning and treatment between our office and our implant specialist, we have been able to accomplish beautiful and functional implant restorations. We will sometimes combine the use of implant crowns with adjacent porcelain veneers, crowns on natural teeth, and tooth bleaching to create amazing smiles and truly change lives.

Check out our before and after photos here.

Does bleaching really work?

We have been giving patients whiter smiles for over 20 years. Tooth whitening has become more and more predictable. Our practice offers both in-office and home bleaching options. We provide in-office tooth whitening through Zoom! procedure as seen on the incredible makeover TV shows. For those who prefer the at-home whitening option, we create custom fitted bleach trays and will customize the strength of the solutions used in order to minimize sensitivity. There are times when we also utilize a combination of in-office and at-home bleaching.

Check out our before and after photos here.

For more information about Zoom! whitening, visit their website here.

How do you examine for decay?

When we examine a patient’s mouth, we look for decay with several techniques including visual inspection of teeth under microscopic loupes, use of dental explorers to feel for decay, and x-rays to help determine interproximal decay. We also use the latest FDA approved Soprolife. This special instrument utilizes enamel fluorescence, which will display both healthy and unhealthy enamel and dentin on our computer screen. This allows us to diagnose decay at earlier stages, as well as save tooth structure when removing decay.

To learn more about Soprolife technology, visit their website here.

Can you help stop my husband from snoring?

Yes! For years we have been assisting couples back to the same bedroom. We fabricate oral appliances that can greatly reduce the level of snoring. These do not treat sleep apnea, but are effective at reducing the level of snoring. There are instances where we may refer you for a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea.

As a new patient, why don’t I get my teeth cleaned at my first visit?

We customize all our appointments to the needs of the individual patient. As a new patient, we do not know how much time is needed to thoroughly clean your teeth. Our examination may be the most comprehensive exam you will ever get in a dental office. The first stage encompasses an overview of your dental and medical history, bite evaluation, and oral cancer screening. Next, we evaluate your teeth for new decay and carefully examine your existing restorations. The clinical exam also includes a periodontal evaluation and educating our patients on treatment options. After the clinical exam, we determine the type of digital x-rays needed. These may include: A complete series of x-rays that show us not only your teeth, but also the bone and root structures, Digital Panorex, which can help determine bone quantity for implants, impacted wisdom teeth or pathology within the jaw bone, and the more common Bite Wing x-rays of posterior teeth. This thorough and precise process will guide us in developing a treatment plan tailored to your specific dental needs.

After the evaluation and initial visit is complete, we will be able to determine how much time is needed for the first prophylaxis (cleaning) in our office. At that time, any additional routine treatment will be scheduled. If deemed necessary during the evaluation stage, the patient may return for a comprehensive treatment planning consultation. The meeting provides the patient with an overview of all the information gathered during the exam, as well as a packet that elaborates the various treatment options, photos of your mouth, estimated fees for proposed treatment, and a review regarding what your insurance may or may not cover.